New paper in Scientific Data

Photo of the Louis A. Simpson building at PrincetonA new paper in Scientific Data by Kangkang Tong, Ajay Nagpure, and Anu Ramaswami can help India plan energy transitions across all of its 640 urban districts.

From a news story at Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies:

"India is the third-largest contributor to global energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and the country is rapidly urbanizing. Transitioning to low-carbon cities is critical to meeting the country’s climate goals. In this new study, a team of researchers from Princeton University and the University of Minnesota developed an energy use database covering urban areas across 640 urban districts in India. Such baseline data are essential for Indian cities to develop and evaluate low-carbon policies that align from local to state and national scales.

"The researchers reported their model — All Urban areas’ Energy-use (AllUrE) — aligns with  reported energy-use at the city, state, and national scale. Therefore, AllUrE-India data can be used to model urban energy transitions consistent with national energy and climate goals."

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Read the paper here